Singapore Tourism Board Distributing $22m To Help Tourism Prepare For Recovery

Singapore Tourism Board Distributing $22m To Help Tourism Prepare For Recovery PHOTO CREDITS: LIM YAOHUI

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB), in a bid to help the tourism business market, has set aside $22 million to market these services and rebuild the demand when global travel resumes.

The industry, which has been amongst the hardest hit by the coronavirus outbreak, has seen restrictions on travelling into and out of the country, and the shutdown of all attractions and entertainment venues like nightclubs, cinemas, museums and casinos. Travel agents have also seen businesses dry up  as well.

To help, the STB has launched a $20 million Marketing Partnership Programme, which will cover up to 70 per cent of qualifying marketing costs. This will help free up cash flow for businesses during this challenging period. The scheme, which launched for hotels on April 1, will be extended to attractions, inbound travel agents, and the Mice (meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions) sector in its second phase. Applications will open for these businesses in early May, and those interested can e-mail to learn more.

STB chief executive Keith Tan said in an address to the tourism industry on Friday that it has shown resilience despite the tough adjustments that have had to be made. Many have stepped up to support Singapore's battle against Covid-19, he noted in a video posted on Facebook. Speaking of the STB's new marketing initiatives, he said: "It's important to continue to engage our worldwide audiences at this time, even when they are not here." Finding creative ways to engage audiences is especially important now, when "billions of people are stuck at home, hungry for good and interesting content", he said.

"I want you to think hard about how you can take advantage of these efforts and initiatives to help your businesses get ready for the time when international tourism picks up again."

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