by Clover Ng @ 02 May 2014
Manhattan Have a taste of Manhattan right here in Singapore. The big apple is now found at the red dot in a gentleman way. Regent Singapore has opened up a new concept to having a different bar crowd. Manhattan is the new grand hotel bar inspired by the 19th century Golden Age of cocktails and fine drinking. Now you will be able to immerse yourself in the old New York with a little Broadway feel, but an entirely new way of drinking. Celebrated American Head Bartender Ricky Paiva not only has the looks of an old school Broadway actor, but he also has the skills to mixing drinks up for a different bar experience.

Opening the black doors with the M logo as the handles to the world of Manhattan, you'll be invited by Ricky Paiva to his movable cocktail station where he will stir up a Negroni with long silver spoons and topped with just a thin slice of orange peel. With a glass in hand, you will be able to visit the rickhouse located on the right of the entrance where you'll be exposed to over 100 American oak barrels from a small cooperage in Minnesota. The rickhouse is used to finish whiskies and other spirits as well as to age bitters and single-cask cocktails. Yet to finish on the furnishings here, a new system to mixing the aged whiskies and cocktails will be installed.

On the left of the entrance, you'll be invited to take a glimpse of the impressive collection of ingredients that Paiva will be using on his creations. The Ingredients Room houses a remarkable collection of unusual ingredients employed in a mix from around the world, like wildcherry bark, shisandra berries and dandelion root.

The main beverage menu will feature 25 seasonally rotating cocktails that take you on a journey through the rich history, cultures and flavours of Manhattan's countless intriguing neighbourhoods. If you would like to get close to the bartenders or the wide collection of over 300 spirits behind them, take a seat at the bar, away from the mainstream seats. At the middle of the bar area, you will find a block of ice that has been distilled three times over and where the Manhattan "M" is carved on to be served in your drinks. If you would prefer seats to have a drinking session with your friends and families, feel free to, and you can even make a reservation for the private rooms available where the rooms are designed to look like a gentleman's room (but no smoking allowed!).  

On top of drinks, you will not be mistreated by Chef Nicholas Troisen who was born andd raised in Michigan, USA, and worked in various hotels and restaurants. As an American themed bar, Chef Troisen is the right person to bring you the USA menu like the House-made Kettle Chips (claiming to be the world's most expensive chips) where you get a plate of chips served with pan-fried onion dip laced with rum-infused grated foie gras! Other food to try include the street style hot dogs for a traditional hot dog served with braised tomato onion, pickle relish and knickerbocker mustard. Shrimp ceviche taco for a plate of crispy wanton with prawns wrapped in and topped with bloody mary cocktail sauce, avacado, and micro celery. Oh, did we mention the touch of alcohol in the dishes?