The Kitchen at Bacchanalia

by Clover Ng @ 30 Jun 2017
The Kitchen at Bacchanalia Housed at the mysterious Masonic Club, Bacchanalia Restaurant was founded by Alex Chew and Raj Datwani. The one selling point-the Bacchanalia kitchen headed by talented all-star culinary trio; Executive Chef Ivan Brehm, Sous Chef Mark Ebbels, and Executive Pastry Chef Kostas Papathanasiou. The trio had prior experiences, working in the kitchen of Heston Blumenthal's The Fat Duck and as the executive chef, Chef Brehm has also worked in various kitchens where he will be applying the cuisines from those into his own in creating western and eastern classics, but an evolution of those. 120 patrons will be able to fit into this restaurant with lush interiors and share carefully crafted cocktails for a night to remember.

Bacchanalia's menu is categorised according to the following categories- vegetable, seafood, meat and dessert. Portions are generally larger than appetizers as compared to that of the usual fine dining scene, but smaller than main courses to encourage diners to share and have a chance to try out dishes served in the restaurant without having to order too much. Bacchanalia's cauliflower gratin is a dish unlike any other, featuring a comforting classic with a twist. Deep fried cauliflower florets are served on a bed of herb gremolata and cloaked in a feather light white truffle and cheese foam. Try the tahitan vanilla confit salmon where as mentioned, is served in a generous serving. The salmon is cooked in olive oil and tahitan vanilla before a pairing with roasted garlic purée, fennel salad, orange and black olive tapenade and honey-lemon emulsion. If you're a true blue carnivore with the love for pork, then try the 48hr pork belly served in slices. The pork belly is cooked in its own brine for 2 days with the end product showcasing juicy and yet crispy skin. It is topped with braised red cabbage, giant Sicilian capers and pickled and raw apple. A dessert love will also go home feeling satisfied with their tiramisu where Bacchanalia serves up a rendition of marsala mousse, coffee and cocoa gel and a surprise on the base of the dish that will only reveal upon tasting!

Do not walk away with just food in your stomach. Created by head mixologist, Mark Thomas, cocktails at Bacchanalia not only pack a punch but are enthralling as well. Thomas and Chef Brehm are like peas in a pod when they work together to ensure that cocktails and the dishes served will pair well together.