Caffé B

by Clover Ng @ 30 Jun 2017
Caffé B It was a surprise that the well decorated place was actually a restaurant where wines were hanging structuredly at the door. One might have guessed that this is a wine bar or some sort, until you see the sign to the entrance-"fine Italian cuisine". Walking into the short alley will lead you to the adequately litted dining area with black chandeliers hanging above, and just a slight turn to the left is the private dining room where we had our first try on Caffe B's interpretation of fine Italian cuisine. Although an Italian fine dining restaurant, the chef and owner/co-owner is of Japanese background and evident from the menu served, there were Japanese elements in them just to have her tradition intact. Our first dish was an antipasto where each square is carefully explained in giving you the ultimate taste experience for what can be expected. What awed us was the fried ginger in which, the ginger taste was masked, and for someone who doesn't exactly fancy the spiciness would dive down to have more. It helps in 'clearing up the air' anyway, so why not have a few more? Next was the chilli crab inspired risotto with giant scallops. The scallops were well seared, and risotto, nicely prepared, but perhaps the chilli crab essence was a tad lacking. The spiciness, definitely there. Black squid ink pasta was fabulous where somehow, your lips remain untainted! With the addition of sea urchin, it wasn't too big a portion where the taste could be overpowering. Lamb loin wasn't too tough and instead of the usual mint sauce, terriyaki was added. The cod was springy, signs of freshness and the taste of the cod wasn't covered by the miso. A good match. Espresso matcha dessert is however not espresso in the sense of caffeine. It is a concentrated matcha dessert with that bitterness and a rather refreshing dish after all the creaminess in mains. A good place to hang, especially the top level where diners can head to for a drink or two with the MBS view.