Peach Blossoms

by Jackson Sim @ 30 Jun 2017
Peach Blossoms While making your way to the newly refurbished Peach Blossoms at Marina Mandarin Singapore, don’t be surprised if you hear live songbirds chirping.

Headed by Chef Chan Shun Wing, the cuisine of Peach blossoms is a celebration of traditions combined with the wonders of modern influences. A bowl of hot, comforting soup is always a good start to a meal. Here, the signature bowl is the double-boiled almond soup with fish maw. The sweetness of the almond milk soup base intertwined beautifully with the savoury aromas of the other ingredients of the soup.

Continuing with the sweet trend, Chef Chan’s next dish of baked silver cod with honey glaze and mixed fruit salas was a beautiful symphony of tastes and textures. The honey glaze not only gave the baked silver cod a fragrant finish, it also helped to give the fish a gorgeous caramelized coat.

“One is never enough” is the most apt description for Chef Chan’s deep-fried prawn coated with wasabi mayonnaise. The glistening wasabi mayonnaise coat gave away a velvety texture on the first bite and the following bite was the result of perfectly executed deep-frying.
The last dish – tender silvers of beef set atop a mount of al dente glass noodles slathered in sacha sauce. Shacha sauce, according to Chef Chan, is a well-preserved secret. But he has let a little slip of its main ingredient – garlic. The garlic aromas were very subtle with just enough to perfume the sauce, Spring onion segments and enokitake (golden mushrooms) completed the dish which was served individually in a miniature claypot. JS