Bistecca Tuscan Steak House

by Jackson Sim @ 30 Jun 2017
Bistecca Tuscan Steak House Its name, Bistecca Tuscan Steak House (Bistecca), may have you believe that it is just another steak house but it is not. Situated along the happening Mohamed Sultan Road, Bistecca serves Tuscan inspired cuisine alongside exceptional steaks.

The walls of the restaurant are adorned with specially commissioned fashion portraits by the famed American photographer, Scoot Woodward. Head straight to Tuscany for the first plate of the meal – relish in the home made, toasted country bread topped with crushed tomatoes and creamy burrata cheese. The zest of the fresh tomatoes helps perk the palate while the fresh burrata cheese melts in your mouth, blending all the flavours together – a hint of garlic brushed onto the toast excites it a little more.

Tomatoes and cheese are mainstays of Italian cuisine so the next course of heirloom tomatoes and goat’s cheese salad comes as no surprise. Colorful heirloom tomato wedges interweave with grilled goat’s cheese slices and toasted walnut tuiles to make an interesting study in tastes and textures. Scallop lovers will enjoy it perfectly seared and served on top of a very classical Tuscany favourite – creamy bread salad blended with onions, tomatoes and olives.

Pasta is done well here too – the home-made stracci laden in concoction of basil and pistachio pesto and topped with freshly grated pecorino cheese is a favourite as is the pappardelle with a wagyu beef ragout. The meat is tender and it baths in rich aromas of herbs and spices while the saffron cheese, an Italian delicacy, brings luxury and comfort. Bistecca serves both grain-fed and grass-fed beef, but its signature grain-fed and aged wagyu-Holstein Fiorentina is what you should go for. A mammoth 1.2kg serving is good for at least 3 people and it comes with a selection of sauces – salsa verde, garlic mayonnaise, porcini mushroom and red pepper tomato compote. Pick your favourite or have them all with your perfectly charred-on-the-outside and pink-on-the-inside T-bone steak. JS