Black Angus Steak House

by Qian Leung @ 30 Jun 2017
Black Angus Steak House Black Angus Steak house has been in Singapore since 1997, nestled in a corner of Orchard Road. First opened by an American ranger named Stuart Anderson in 1964, the restaurant is known as much for its ranch-style steaks as the relaxed homely vibe.

It is the perfect place to wash away the tensions of the day. With an ice-cold beer in one hand and some deep=fried potato skins off the wagon wheel sampler in the other, you won’t mind the short wait for your main course. Pop a Tabasco-covered shrimp past your lips or enjoy a slice of crispy battered zucchini or a buffalo chicken strip with some range or cucumber dressing – they are all delicious.

As for the main course, Chef Marty von Gnechten seasons his USDA prime rib of beef with basil, oregano, thyme and bay leaf and then sears it over a high heat before slowly letting it roast at a lower temperature. You will feel enlivened by the robust aroma once the sizzling steak arrives served with nothing except its own jus, broccoli and a baked potato. “I want to relish in the taste of the beef,” says Chef Von Gnechten, who does not eat his steaks with any condiments or sauces.

The grain-fed beef he uses has a good degree of marbling, making the steak burst with jus that coat your mouth with buttery richness. The pork ribs are marinated overnight before being gently steamed for two hours. They are then coated with a glaze of tangy, mouthwatering barbecue sauce before caramelizing under the broiler.

Chef Von Gnechten says “low and slow” is the key to these mind-blowing ribs but I suspect the secret is the sauce. As is to confirm my suspicions, he refuses to give me the recipe, citing that it is a trade secret. I do forgive him simply because the ribs end up being so finger-licking good. So good that the fries got rather sadly forgotten, which was a pity as they were crisp, golden and praiseworthy in their own right.

Other suggestions to try are the wild wst onion, which arrives on the table battered and fried looking like a desert flower, a formidable burger piled high with grilled sirloin steak; their rib eye steak, New York steak or filet mignon served with pepper sauce, teriyaki sauce, red wine sauce and mustard or basil butter.

Definitely end your meal with the sinful, sky-high mud-pie. The rich, frozen mocha ice-cream is nicely balanced by a light, frothy cream topping with flakes of almond and is anchored with an oreo cookie base that is delicious. QL