Ruth's Chris Steak House

by Jackson Sim @ 30 Jun 2017
Ruth's Chris Steak House Founded by Ruth Fertel almost six decades ago, Ruth’s hris Steak house serves no sauces with its steaks and that is not all. All meats served at this New Orleanian restaurant are cooked in the trademarked 982 degrees oven that Fertel helped develop. Moreover, the steaks are served, literally, sizzling on a 260 degrees-heated plate. The beef is top notched here – only custom-aged USDA prime and Australian wagyu are served.

A great starter is the signature appetisers before heading for the meat. A good palate-opener is the blue crab cakes – you get two very generous cakes of crabmeat blended with chopped herbs. Fresh and succulent, squeeze the clothed lemon half to up the zing. If the crab does not tickle you fancy, opt for the seared jumbo scallops instead.

Seasoned with the restaurant’s signature spice mix and then grilled to get that charred coat, its crisp exterior gives way to a tender interior. A mound of julienned carrot, cucumber and daikon act as a refreshing accompaniment.

On to the star dishes of the menu, go for the rib eye if you love your beef and the chops if you love your lamb; both versions are done well. Great marbling on the rib eye affords rich flavours and that unmissable melt-in-your-mouth texture. Most prefer to forgot lamb for fear of its strong smell; here, the chef does a good job of keeping the true flavor of the meat.

Choose from a wide range of side dishes to accompany the meats but order to share to fully enjoy the variety. Fresh broccoli can become the obligatory vegetable fish of the meal while macaroni and cheese will provide comfort.

Another comfort is the cheesecake – cream cheese and sour cream are ensconced by a flawless cookie crust with tart berries capping the dessert and meal beautifully. JS