Gordon Grill

by Cheryl Kho @ 30 Jun 2017
Gordon Grill When it comes to a big slab of delicious red meat, the name Gordon Grill would come to mind. Goodwood Park Hotel’s premier fine dining restaurant has been serving up some of the finest steaks and continental cuisine since its establishment in 1963. Stepping into the restaurant the elegance of the interior would remind you of Hollywood films when people dress up for a night out.

Executive Chef Gan Swee Lai has been the helm of the restaurant for 10 years now. The Malaysian born chef has worked with many Michelin-starred chefs such as Jason Atherthon and Alain Roux. He is known for his artistic creations and that was evident in the dishes that were presented to us.

Enjoy the night with Chef Gan’s appetizer platter. This is a sample platter of four appetizers in one dish. A stand out was the king scallop with iberico jabugo ham and morel mushroom vinaigrette. The texture of the scallops was fantastic and the flavours and aromas from the morel mushroom vinaigrette were a perfect match.

Another stand out in the platter was the foie gras with argula financier and caramelized apple. Seared to perfection, the sweetness of the arugula financier matched perfectly with the foie gras, lending it a sweet after taste that lingers in the mouth.

Then we had the roasted jumbo quail with foie gras, micro greens, raspberry and walnut dressing. The crispy skin of the quail was a delight as we sink our teeth into the tender game meat. The jumbo quail is further enlivened with a raspberry extra virgin olive oil, soy and lime juice sauce.
Of course, at Gordon Grill, how can we miss out on the steaks? Before being served the main course, we were given a little treat – the staff brought out the meat trolley and wheeled to the table to present the different choice cuts available. The service staff then expertly sliced the weighed each piece of beef in front of diners before it is sent to the kitchen for cooking.

We were served the duo of US wagyu beef (grilled fillet and braised cheek in a bordelaise sauce with root vegetables). The grill marks were done perfectly on the fillet beef and the beef cheek was literally melt-in-the-mouth. Probably because of the 24 hour marination in red wine and a further 24 hour oven cooking at low temperature, the flavours were well-balanced.

We then ended off the meal with the crepe Suzette. Done at the tableside, we were entertained with the preparation of this fascinating dessert. The crepe were flambéed with brandy and Cointreau right next to the guest’s table by the service staff then paired with vanilla ice-cream. The orange liqueue gave the dessert the exciting edge to it and the sweetness of the ice-cream complemented the acidity of the oranges.

So the next time you are craving for a good slab of meat, try Gordon Grill. You wont be disappointed. CK