Strangers' Reunion

by Ruby Wong @ 30 Jun 2017
Strangers' Reunion Strangers' Reunion can be considered a hidden find. Located away from the city, yet still close to central Singapore, the cafe attracts a varied demographic ranging from the working crowd to teenagers and elderly patrons.

The walls are essentially bare with a few choice art pieces for sale, reflecting the casual and relaxed nature of the venue and staff. On the menu is a selection of sandwiches, waffles, cakes, pastries and pizza as well as an extensive coffee section, no surprise as two time national barista champion Ryan Tan is the co-owner with business partner Mervin Pang.

While the main attraction is the coffee, Tan hopes to offer food with a twist. Customers can find their own corner to catch up within the casual ambience or pack your lunch to go if you are in a hurry. For those who enjoy impactful flavours, the salami makes a great option. The bright red colours of the salami is immediately visible between the ciabatta which also works to counter the strong flavours of the salami. Mild cheddar cheese and marinated grilled capsicum are hidden within and fresh oregano completes the dish.

The most expensive and largest sandwich is the tandoori chicken. Two ciabatta buns hold a colourful mix of tandoori chicken, red cabbage and apple slaw with dill and mint Greek yogurt dressing. The attractive purple, orange, red and green colours are enough to get one's appetite going.

Despite being small, the ham and cheese croissant also gives your money's worth as a light bite. Melted cheese is spread in the slice croissant and simply topped off with a piece of ham. The golden flaky and buttery croissant rewards diners with its light texture.

For the classic smoked salmon, whole bread buns house a layer of seafood favourite. The distinct flavour of salmon is complemented by the acidity of lightly cured cucumber, capers and a squeeze of lemon.

A meatier choice is the roast pork, a baguette filled with Chinese roast pork, cucumber, lightly pickled carrot and daikon, fresh chilli and coriander. The fatty and juicy roast pork dressed with a sweet sauce is contrasted by the fresh, crunchy flavour of the carrots and vegetables and grated chillies top the pork for a hint of spiciness. RW