Club Street Social

by Jackson Sim @ 30 Jun 2017
Club Street Social Step ito Club Street Social and you would be forgiven if you thought you had been transported to Manhatten. Owner Min Chan has successfully transformed her little corner along Gemmill Lane to mimic that inimitable New York vibe.

Cocktails are a must here and these are no ordinary cocktails though their names will have you fooled. These signature tipples are designed exclusively for this social hangout which is also famous for its paninis, arguably some of the best in Singapore. A favourite of many who have tried these layered wonders is the prosciutto, mozzarella, tomato and truffle mayo panini. The panini, no matter the filling, is always toasted to perfection with a crunchy crust that shatters ever so slightly as you sink your teeth into it. With the proscuitto version, Chan and her chef, Charlene Lin have managed to find an immaculately balanced panini. The prosciutto provides just enough savouriness while the moist and melted mozzarella contributes a subtle milky note, and the juicy tomato slices add just enough acidity to balance the richness. The truffle mayo holds them altogether.

Something as simple as roast chicken can be a bore but not when you do it right. Chef Lin's injects an Asian touch to the roast chicken panini with her rendition of corinder pesto. This emerald-tinged sauce is generously slathered over tender slices of roast chicken and then sandwiches together with tomato slices before they are all toasted together with the crusty panini.

A personal favourite is the tuna panini. Radicchio leaves, with their slightly bitter notes, are sauteed lightly and then intertwined with tuna flakes, olives and gruyere cheese to make an amalgamation of balanced flavours and textures. You get light acidity from the olives which are pickled and you also get the dual flavours of sweet and salty from the cheese.

Here at Club Street Social, Chef Lin combines the distinct richness of confit duck with juicy roasted portobello mushroom and a side of balsamic onion - sweet and tart and makes an enjoyable finish to the meal.

The next time you are around the area and want a quick lunch, head down to Club Street social and you will not be disappointed. JS