The Orange Thimble

by Cheryl Kho @ 30 Jun 2017
The Orange Thimble In the Tiong Bahru area, at least 3 coffeehouses worth mentioning are all situated here. One of which, is the The Orange Thimble along Eng Hoon Street.

Vintage looking furniture and artworks line the walls, exuding a clam and arty vibe. Aromas from the roasted coffee beans fills the air as freshly squeezed juices are prepared daily. The food menu may be limited by it packs a good amount of varieties.

Whether is it for a quick meal or a chill afternoon, the sandwiches here are worth a try. The best seller is the English roll. Pork sausage, bacon, sauteed mushrooms and rocket leaves fills a hotdog bun. The wholesome combination is great for those with a hunger pang. For the vegetarians, "Miss Portobello" makes a great choice. Huge slabs of portobello mushrooms are baked in honey and balsamic vinegar and topped with caramelised onions giving it a sweet and tangy balance.

The best, in our opinion, is a cross between "the chixie" and the "the BBC". The chixie consists of juicy chicken chunks, Hungarian salami slices with peach mayo dressing served in ciabatta. The dressing is an interesting combination as it clicks with smoky flavours of the salami and the chicken chunks. It is a delightful dish for a simple lunch option. In the BBC, walnut bread slices are filled with streaky bacon, creamy brie with lettuce and wild rocket dressed in tangy cranberry sauce. The peppery flavours of the rocket leaves adds an edge to the savory brie and streaky bacon. The sweet cranberry sauce balances it out and the texture of the walnut bread makes this a great on-the-go option.

Other than the food items, the beverages are also worthy of mention. From traditional coffee roast to the flavoured coffee, we give The Orange Thimble the thumbs up. CK