Canton Paradise

by Qian Leung @ 30 Jun 2017
Canton Paradise Located in 112 Katong, Canton Paradise offers classic roast meats, dim sum, noodles and congee which Hong Kong is known for.

Their siu yuk (barbecue pork belly) is prepared by first sitting in a marinade of honey, sesame sauce and soy sauce overnight. It is then roasted over the fire for over an hour to caramelise. Prepared the Grandma way would allow for the kampong chicken to taste plump and juicy. The roast duck requires a marinade of sesame sauce, fermented soy bean paste, hoisin sauce and Jiujiang rice liquor over night. It is then roasted to colour.

Another typically Hong Kong dish is beef brisket noodles. After stewing with aromatics for two hours, the beef brisket is served with noodles which is first shocked in an ice water bath then scalded hot for crispiness. How does juk (Hong Kong-style congee) take on such a cottony, fragrant and smooth texture? The chef shares that firstly it requires attention to detail. Secondly, it requires years of experience which is passed down from one generation to the next. Lastly, it requires the juk chef's heart and time as the juk takes three and a half hours to cook. The seafood is added in last and the juk takes on an added layer of fragrance and sweetness.

You can also find a Singaporean touch with a dish of cheong fun (rice noodle roll) stuffed with preserved turnip which reminds one of the local breakfast classic of chwee kueh (steamed rice cake with preserved radish).

The pork bun here is made with pork sliver in a sweet sauce, wrapped in a soft crispy bun. The custard bun is also a hot favourite - break it open and out flows a golden river of salted egg yolk, butter, milk and fine sugar.

When a craving for Hong Kong food hits, but you can't drop your work and fly there at once, Canton Paradise should hit the spot. QL