Pasta Fresca Fabio & Alessia

by Qian Leung @ 28 Jul 2017
Pasta Fresca Fabio & Alessia Pansotti, a little pocket of greens and cheese, has caught my heart. Known as prebuggiun, the mix of five wild herbs used can range from borages, nettles, chards, endive, and wild radicchio, to pimpinella, horse radish, wild poppy, dandelion, and wild fennel. Prescinseua, a Ligurian cheese, is used traditionally, and imparts an alluring aroma to the filled pasta. It is delicious eaten with walnut sauce. Today, due to the difficulty of getting these wild herbs and the cheese, a simpler substitute of spinach and ricotta is commonly used. At Pasta Fresca Fabio & Alessia, pansotti is made by folding a square of fresh pasta over the filling, and overlapping its corners. In restaurants, however, pansotti might be made by folding a circle into a crescent instead, to save time. Aside from pansotti, the fresh pasta workshop also makes croxetti, a medallion-shaped pasta, trofie, a small, twisted Ligurian pasta, ravioli, which may be stuffed with meat or pumpkin, and tagliatelle and taglierini, flat and round ribbons of of egg pasta.