The Tasting Room

by Qian Leung @ 28 Jul 2017
The Tasting Room Within City of Dreams, two-Michelin-starred French restaurant The Tasting Room showcases the creativity of Chef Guillaume Galliot. “The second star is not easy to get.” After a pensive pause, Chef Galliot adds, “It can, however, be easy to lose. We continue to work hard.” Alaska king crab with Gillardeau oyster is served on cucumber jelly and topped with avocado mousse, green apple sorbet, and caviar. “When I was young I used to play by the sea in Brittany,” says Chef Galliot. “If you pick up a rock and sniff or lick it, this is the scent you’d get.” The scent of sea water. French laksa features an espuma of dried shrimps, coconut milk, spices, coriander, curry leaf, and hazelnut. “I love laksa. One day, while having laksa with my sous chef, who is from Malaysia, we realised that if we toned down the spiciness, it could work with our style of cuisine,” says Chef Galliot. Loire Valley pigeon, served with potato risotto, had been roasted in cocoa shell. A half portion of pigeon is seared before being placed inside a cocoa shell. It is then bound with twine, and placed in the oven. The result are juicy morsels of pigeon, with the faint earthy scent of cocoa. “Every day, we push the limit,” says Chef Galliot, who is from the Loire Valley. “The team is like a family. We share the same spirit.”