by Qian Leung @ 28 Jul 2017
Gosto For a taste of Macanese cuisine, visit Gosto, located in Galaxy Macau. Spices from travels through Africa came to be used in a Macanese dish named African roast chicken, which you won’t find in Africa or in Portugal. Spring chicken is pan-seared and baked with a sauce of spices, chilli, peanut butter, and coconut milk till tender and juicy. 2011 Quinta do Vale Meão Meandro Tinto from Douro, Portugal, delicious with notes of black cherries, black currant, and black plum, brings a gentle touch of sweetness.  The suckling pig, which is served with black sausage purée, had been marinated the Portuguese way, with peppers, salt, garlic, cilantro, and parsley. Its skin is light and crackling while the meat is aromatic - it’s hard to resist a second serving. 2010 Casal Santa Maria Pinot Noir Tinto, from Lisboa, Portugal, starts off prettily with notes of sour cherries and strawberries and finishes with an alluring touch of anise - lovely with the richness of the suckling pig. In Portugal, mothers would make a dessert named serradura. Milk, egg whites, and sugar are whisked till creamy, and poured into a tray, with a layer of chocolate biscuits in the middle, and blended Maria biscuits on top. It is usually enjoyed with coffee, or Amarguinha, a bitter almond liqueur usually served with a squeeze of lemon.