Kwee Zeen's Chinese New Year's Celebrates Family Joy with Steamboat!

Kwee Zeen's Chinese New Year's Celebrates Family Joy with Steamboat! If you like to celebrate Chinese New Year the old-fashioned way, perhaps a hotpot buffet might be the way to go! Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa’s Kwee Zeen is the place where you can get some of the best selection of ingredients that you can place in their old-fashioned coal-based hotpot, which ensures that your hotpot will keep burning for long without having to burn out or overboil the one out of four premium soup bases (mala, chicken broth, Chinese herbal, and tom yum) you have painstakingly chosen.

Called the Prosperity Steamboat, the entire selection has over 60 selections of the freshest and most premium ingredients, including pork belly, beef, lamb, flower squid, and fish fillet. It’s a smorgasbord ready for you and your loved ones to dine on.

On top of that, look out for the delicious range of cooked food stations that are available for you to choose from should you be looking for variety in your dining experience at Kwee Zeen. Prepared by the great chefs and kitchen staff at Sofitel Sentosa Resort and Spa, dine on great selections of cooked food like roasted pork, spring rolls, vegetables and mushrooms, and other great dishes that will let you celebrate Chinese New Year uproariously. Some great appetisers, prepped especially for Chinese New Year, include great combinations such as the Nonya chicken archar salad, top shell salads with coriander, golden coin bak kwa with pineapple salsa, poached drunken chicken with wolfberry, and the marinated jelly fish with cucumber salad. 

The overall experience of great fun, great food and great atmosphere is available only at Sofitel's Singapore Sentosa Resort and Spa's Kwee Zeen, so book your experience here!