Royalty At Christmas with the Royal Cuisine Catering Group!

Royalty At Christmas with the Royal Cuisine Catering Group! Royal Cuisine is proud to present its festive feastings for 2022!

A Royal Christmas, the theme for the Royal Cuisine Catering Group, is proud to showcase some of their offerings, which can start off for as low as $18 per pax! Get offerings for set meals to be bought for a party with sets like the Traditional Christmas Essentials, which offers a great meal for those looking to feed up to 10 people in a party setting! Take on mains such as the Whole Roasted Turkey (seasoned with farm and herbal spices and stuffed with minced pork turkey), which is served with red wine giblet turkey sauce and cranberry chutney, scrumptious and unique in taste!

Those who are looking to feed larger groups though may be excited to hear about the Yuletide Mini Buffet, which has dishes like the grilled lamb chop with butter crushed potatoes and brown sauce, and the pan-seared salmon served with lemon butter sauce. Others looking to give a more individual serving will be ecstatic to hear about the Noel Bento, filled with amazing goodies!

For more information, go to to learn about the menu and all its terms and conditions!