The Take Away from The Truth about Takeaways

The Take Away from The Truth about Takeaways In a time of Covid-19, takeaway food is fast becoming a staple for Singaporeans due to its convenience and affordable prices.  However, they also happen to be the meals that contain the highest amounts of fat and sodium. So how can we indulge in our favourite takeaways without compromising too much of our health? The Truth about Takeaways is the BBC’s latest offering that looks into the health effects of consuming takeaway, how it can affect your lifestyle, and also how you can improve your choices.

Hosted by award-winning news correspondent Nikki Fox, who is an English journalist, TV and radio broadcaster and documentary filmmaker, the documentary presents some unusual facts you would not expect from takeaway meals. Did you know that takeaway food can disturb your sleep and memory or that a 3-piece fried chicken fast-food meal contains less fat and salt than pizza, a burger meal or a kebab?
Facts like this would be educational especially in these times, and could inspire us to create better meals or make better food choices when it comes to eating takeaway.

The BBC documentary The Truth About Takeaways is available on Starhub Ch 407 and BBC Player.