Election 2020 Tips!

Election 2020 Tips!
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Happy election day! We hope that you folks are using your votes for good, and will be taking the chance to exercise your voice. But do take note of some tips you can use when going to the voting centers to cast your vote on Polling Day!

 Look for the recommended two-hour time slot on your polling card
This year, while the voting lasts from 8am- 8pm, each voter is given a recommended voting time to make sure that the process is quicker as well as to make sure that safe tracking is done as much as possible. In fact, before going to the polling station, check if there is a long queue by going to this website. Bring your polling card, NRIC/passport and wear your facemask!

Before completing their electronic registration, voters will need to lower their mask for a moment and show their NRIC to election officials, who will then verify their identity.

Bring your own pen and gloves
Before receiving the ballot paper, voters must sanitise their hands and put on disposable gloves. The registration have allowed voters to bring their own gloves and pens to the polling stations if concerned about sustainability, but do note that you will be asked to sanitise your hands before and after voting.

Keep social distancing!
Make sure you keep your distance from other people when voting and do not get up close and personal with your fellow voters.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and know what to do during voting!

Above all, have fun exercising your right to vote!