Come Fly and Cater Safely With Me!

Come Fly and Cater Safely With Me! image source: Onboard Hospitality

Life the way we’ve lived it has changed since the first coronavirus (COVID-19) case started and companies in all areas of hospitality have taken the time to discuss and change the protocols of standards, including airline catering.

The five leading airline caterers of the world have anew protocols for safety and hygiene to ensure food and beverage inflight is safe for passengers this summer as restrictions on cross-border travel are lifted. The Airline Catering Association (ACA),  whose members include gategroup, LSG Group, dnata, Newrest and Do & Co,  have adopted new ACA COVID-19 Guidelines designed specifically to help members navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. The ACA COVID-19 Guidelines are built on four guiding principles, known as the 4P’s, which allow for proper risk assessment and the continuation of safe inflight catering: People; Premises/Policies/Processes & Procedures; and Procurement.

Fabio Gamba, managing director of the ACA, emphasises: “Food is not connected to virus spread and strict food safety measures refined through decades of air travel remain in place to make sure that all food leaving our kitchens is safe.”

The Guidelines provide additional controls and checklists tailored to the local risk landscape and adaptable in an ever-changing world. They also ensure that measures such as social distancing and personal protective equipment are used in medium- to high-risk stages of the pandemic. Even in a low-risk stage, these guidelines support timely facility adaptation to changes. In the event an infection cluster in a particular region, distancing measures must be implemented without supply-chain disruption.

The ACA COVID-19 Guidelines are published here.

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