Take a Little Trip Around Singapore Town At Home!

Take a Little Trip Around Singapore Town At Home! Image from: VisitSingapore

Here’s something to cheer up the folks at home: the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) has launched a remake of the song Singapore Town, performed by local singer-songwriter Charlie Lim, alongside a light-hearted music video. Featuring 60 Singaporeans from all walks of life, including local artistes and personalities such as cook, TV host and food writer Sarah Huang Benjamin; sneaker designer Mark Ong; and Teochew opera artist Tan Wei Tian, the video captures the Singaporeans enjoying a range of activities at home during the Circuit Breaker period. Many of these activities are an effort to reenact famous Singaporean tourist spots such as Marina Bay Sands, or recreating locally-inspired dishes and cocktails in their own kitchens.

It’s a whimsical video that’s full of fun, wonder and exploration, and highlights include the pug eating a treat representing the Singapore Zoo, a stop motion video featuring sea animals of the aquarium, and a model of the Marina Bay Sands made using art supplies.

The spot has been released on the Singapore Tourism Board’s social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube). To view the video, please watch below!