Fiori Coffee

by Qian Leung
Fiori Coffee Next to Italians, Australians are probably the most coffee-obsessed people on the planet. Fiori Coffee, which has been supplying coffee beans to cafes for ten years, has its home in Oakover Grounds in Swan Valley, where a 1950s Probat roaster processes Arabica beans. Barista Andy Tseng demonstrates how to use a V60 coffee maker. “After we have rinsed the filter paper, we’ll add 18g of freshly grinded Kenyan coffee.” It is left to brew for 40 seconds, by which time the water would have dripped through the grinded coffee to the beaker below. “With the first pour, about 200 ml, we’ll keep the water slowly going around the circle.” Apparently, pouring too fast or too slowly would yield a different-tasting coffee. “We want the water to touch the coffee, but not agitate it too much.” The result is a light coffee, with a tea-like flavour which is floral and fruity. Barista classes and coffee tastings are available here; you could shop for coffee tools or grab a bag of your favourite beans.