by Qian Leung
Ophelia In Wan Chai, through what seems to be an aviary with bird cages hanging from the ceiling and bird songs in the air, a very different dimension exists. Lovely women beguile with their exotic Oriental mystique, in a space shimmering with the blue-green of a peacock’s feathers. “Ophelia is a place where people can go to escape the boredom of every day life,” says Sutton. “I wanted the design to be so unique that it looked like something out of a dream, a place where fantasies can turn into reality.” The Muse, Nusa Caña Indonesian rum with almond syrup, pineapple juice, lemon juice, crème de cassis, and ylang ylang mist, is popular with the ladies, while Jade Cat, Iwai Japanese whiskey with umeshu, green tea liqueur, and Absolut Vodka, is favoured by the gentlemen. The one that speaks to me is Cheong Sam, tequila reposado with pomegranate juice, lemon, lime, cinnamon mist, and La Quintinye vermouth rouge, with caramel, burnt vanilla, and warm spiced notes. To go with the drinks, snack on juicy lamb chops with a cashew crust and red curry dressing, or crispy Thai asparagus tempura with a wasabi mayonnaise dip.