All Hail The New Top (Hot) Dog at K11 MUSEA, Hong Kong!

by CWA @ 04 Oct 2019
All Hail The New Top (Hot) Dog at K11 MUSEA, Hong Kong! If you're ever in Hong Kong, take a chance to go to Tsim Sha Tsui and visit the K11 MUSEA, Hong Kong’s Silicon Valley of Culture, by Adrian Cheng. The shopping mall has recently revealed a brand new interactive art installation that combines visual art and delicious, easy to handle food.

The Hot Dog Bus by Austrian artist Erwin Wurm is an eye-catching, bright yellow modified Volkswagen Microbus (serving real hot dogs!) at the entrance of K11 MUSEA, sure to delight all visitors to the cultural-retail destination. This outdoor installation is just one of many from K11 MUSEA’s vast art collection, featuring over 40 artists and their artwork within the complex. And it also includes actual hot dogs!

From Thursday 27 September to Sunday 27 October 2019, the The Butchers Club and grocer Green Common will design it's presence at The Hot Dog Bus to serve freshly made hot dogs and drinks. This includes items like the Classic Hot Dog, featuring a Westaways hot dog sausage topped with The Butchers Club secret sauce, crispy maple bacon, cheddar cheese and fresh tomato served with a side of pickle chips; and the Beyond Hot Dog which includes the plant-based sausage by Beyond Meat, served in a vegan bun with vegan mayonnaise, spring onion, fresh tomatoes and a side of homemade kimchi.

Sounds delicious? Take a bite at adventure and art when you step into K11 MUSEA and visit the Hot Dog Bus in Hong Kong!