Thermomix Launches the TM6 In Singapore at Restaurant Ibid.

by CWA @ 27 Sep 2019
Thermomix Launches the TM6 In Singapore at Restaurant Ibid. You may have heard of Thermomix. Considered as an innovation smart kitchen in one device, chefs can take the opportunity to bake bread, blend food, and stir, just some of the few functions that the Thermomix can handle. Now, the newest Thermomix  TM6 has 20 functions in one, which makes it the perfect kitchen assistant for both passionate long-time cooks and newbie cooks.

This was what the team behind Thermomix Singapore want to demonstrate and in their recent launch to celebrate the newest Thermomix TM6 at Restaurant Ibid, they attained the help of Chef Woo Wai Leong to help show how versatile and easy it is to use the Thermomix TM6.

“Having a Thermomix adds real versatility to a professional kitchen, “ explains Chef Woo, who also happens to be the winner of MasterChef Asia. He partnered with the company to present the functions of the new machine to media partners at the workshop, which also included a tasting of some of Chef Woo’s  newest creations using the Thermomix TM6.

This versatility includes an all-improved 160 degree Celsius in the High Temperature cooking mode which includes caramalised browning and adds an addtional taste dimension when cooking; a Sous Vide function that can go up to 12 hours and to the degree heat setting; and a new built in weighing scale with 1g accuracy. It also includes the new Cookidoo recipe platform that is now pre-installed on every TM6, which gives users complete access to the world's biggest recipe library right from their TM6.