Philips Launches 3200 Series Lattego Just in Time for World Coffee Day

by CWA @ 27 Sep 2019
Philips Launches 3200 Series Lattego Just in Time for World Coffee Day
Just in time for World Coffee Day, Philips is launching the 3200 Series LatteGo: a range of fully-automatic espresso machines that allows users to create up to five delicious coffees.

These espresso machines will have features like the durable ceramic grinders, a milk system and a patented low maintenance AquaClean water filter system. Users can now grind coffee immediately before brewing for fresher, more aromatic and a flavourful cup of coffee.

During the launch yesterday, Mr. Nicholas Lee, Vice President and General Manager of Phillips ASEAN Pacific said “The new Lattego series will ensure that users can get their freshest coffee fix at home, and is practical because there are no tubes external LatteGo milkcarafe system and is easily disassembled to be cleaned.”

Philips will be celebrating the launch at Chye Seng Huat Hardware (CSHH) by specialty coffee pioneer PPP Coffee (previously Papa Palheta) to introduce the ‘Philips x CSHH House of Coffee’. During the month of October, guests of the café can also purchase a cup of coffee with their mains for an additional SGD4 as part of the promotional menu.

Coffee lovers can also participate in numerous thematic workshops like Coffee Appreciation and Cupping & Roasting Tours. Consumers who purchase a Phillips LatteGo series FAEM at the House of Coffee will also receive a free bag of coffee beans by Chye Seng Hardware.

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