Odette and Les Amis Receive 3 Michelin Stars from Michelin Guide Singapore

by CWA @ 20 Sep 2019
Odette and Les Amis Receive 3 Michelin Stars from Michelin Guide Singapore It’s been a great year for the French restaurant Odette, which this week saw themselves receiving 3 Michelin stars awarded by the Michelin Guide Singapore. Odette, which this year received the honour of Restaurant of the Year by the World Gourmet Awards, as well as top ranking at  Asia's 50 Best Restaurants 2019.

Odette’s Chef Julian Royer spoke to Cuisine and Wine Asia on Tuesday, and attributed the success to his team at Odette. “They are the ones who make the show happen.” He said, humbly. “ This is not the end, it’s the beginning. We have to take pride in ourselves and we have to deliver excellence to all customers who visit the restaurant. We have to push ourselves. I am a strong believer in that we can always do things better every day.”

This year’s Michelin Guide Singapore Ceremony saw the theme revolve around the idea of innovation, sustainability, and eco-friendliness. Known as “Kitchens of Progression”, the theme was chosen to reflect Michelin’s commitment to sustainability in the F&B industry. Of this, recent 1 star recipient Chef Jeremy Gillon of Restaurant JAG applauds the move, along with other chefs who received stars in the industry. He told Cuisine and Wine Asia that Restaurant JAG is a strong believer of sustainability and seasonal eating. “The way we work in Restaurant JAG is that we follow the seasons from Europe and everything. As a relative newcomer to Singapore, I am committed to working with local chefs, local farms and farms all around Asia.”

The theme is also something that 2- star recipient Chef Rishi Naleendra agrees with, “ Cheek Bistro is a great example of the ideal that Kitchen of Progression is demonstrating. We in our team operate the restaurant by doing what we thought was right,  but as always, our first priority will always be towards our customers.”

This year’s Michelin Guide Singapore saw some 44-restaurants receiving stars for their restaurants, making them one of the most starred in Asia.

For the full list of restaurants that received the Michelin star, please go to: https://guide.michelin.com/sg/en