Generation S(OUTH) E(AST) A(SIA)

by CWA @ 02 Aug 2019
Generation S(OUTH) E(AST) A(SIA) Southeast Asia is a playground for tourists all over the world, and no wonder. The vibrant food and hospitality scene is something that has changed vividly and dramatically from the turn of the 21st century, and continues to morph into the power player it is today.  There are multiple reasons for that: the rise of the middle class into higher standards of living; tourism numbers into the region increasing thanks to the rise in Southeast Asian holiday destinations; and the internet spreading information faster which means restaurants, companies, and hospitality groups are learning more at accelerated rates.  We are providing unique experiences that cannot be replicated anywhere else, even in regions close to us like East Asia, and Australia. If you’re in Southeast Asia right now witnessing this new renaissance of Southeast Asian culinary and hospitality excellence, welcome to our world. We’re living it every day.

How do we explore this Southeast Asian culinary and hospitality revolution? Do we start by talking wholly to chefs working in the industry? What about wholly Southeast Asian brands and restaurant groups rising in the region, brands which have reached standards of high quality and consistency? Do we look at homegrown companies that have been rising and making an impact in the kitchens, or do we look at our tourism hubs, like our hotels? Ultimately, does Southeast Asia have a chance to become a great player in the global stage of culinary excellence and hospitality?

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