Mushroom Magic

by CWA @ 08 Feb 2019
Mushroom Magic At Edible Garden City, microgreens, herbs, kale and chinese greens are growing. The local organisation is already supplying several local restaraunts with their produce, while also educating the public on self-sufficient gardening. Their latest experiment - a mushroom farm pumping out pink and golden oyster mushrooms in a controlled dark environment spark an idea.

A workshop conducted at Citizen Farm, Edible Garden City's production arm

The pink and golden oyster mushrooms are presented to three chefs: Chef Nicky Ng from Mitzo Restaurant & Bar, Chef Oscar Pasinato from Buko Nero and Chef Emanuele Faggi from Zafferano to creating stunning dishes with the fungi.With the produce in their hands, all three chefs came up with dishes inspired by their culture, childhood and just a wild idea.

Poached pink oyster mushrooms with pink ginger topping in soya

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