TEASPEC is the Official Tea Partner for the World Gourmet Summit 2019!

by WGS @ 18 Jan 2019
TEASPEC is the Official Tea Partner for the World Gourmet Summit 2019! The people behind TEASPEC are not just advocates of Pu'er and other Chinese teas. With a history of collecting tea that started from a trip to China and Hong Kong over 30 years ago, the Tan family was introduced to Pu’er by her fellow travellers who were tea aficionados. Finding a love  for the multi-layered flavours, tastes, and aromas of this fascinating brew, what made them fall in love with the tea blend the most was due to ot's medicinal benefits, famous for being able to regulate cholestrol levels and raved by pharmacies and hospitals in France since the 70's. This led to the family collecting variations of Pu'er as well as other tea blends and only the best quality Pu’er teas featuring a wide variety of different vintages and different blends within those vintages were collected. 

The family founded TEASPEC in 2015  as a way of introducing tea enthusiasts to the world of Pu’er and other Chinese teas. From the start, the company has not only been advocates of the teas as wondrous elixirs but also to educate neophytes on how to properly treat, brew and store the teas to get the most flavour out of the different blends. Their mission is simple: to not only collect the finest quality of blends and leaves of  genuine Pu’er, but also to educate others on it's health benefits and it's different tastes, as a way to not only drink the teas but as part of the experience to share with friends and loved ones.

This year, the World Gourmet Summit is proud to announce that TEASPEC is the official tea partner for 2019. Look out for TEASPEC during the World Gourmet Summit held in April this year!

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