Gallo’s Olive Oil

By: Darinee Durai posted Feb 23rd 2017 04:50PM

1919 was the year Mr. Victor Guedes founded Gallo. This is a brand that has become synonymous to the soul and heart of Portuguese tradition. With over 90 years of experience, they aim for everyone to include olive oil into their diet plans as the benefits are numerous. 

The reputation of Gallo Olive Oil was built with strict quality standards and constant learning; its team has been working since the beginning together with olive tree growers, mills, researchers and experts to learn more about olive oil to continuously improve their products.

The team has been studying and testing olive tree varieties for a long time, the best ways to grow them, the perfect moment to harvest the fruits, optimising the way to run the mills, so that the final product has the full body, flavour and perfume that only Gallo can make.

To learn more about Gallo, visit

Gallo Olive Oil is available through FoodXervices. Visit now and have a go at this liquid gold.

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