Paella de Pescado (fish paella)

By: Chef Damien Le Bihan posted Jul 05th 2017 03:35PM

 Olive Oil, for sautéing 
5g (each) sliced onions and garlic
20g   squids 
100g uncooked bomba rice**
60g  tomato Sauce
  2g  paprika powder
 Salt and freshly ground pepper, 
 to taste
240ml vegetable stock
2g  ground turmeric (or a pinch
 of saffron)
50g  sea bass
4 prawns
3  (each) half -shell green mussels and
 white clams
2 Thai asparagus spears, halved
10g   (each) diced red, green and
 yellow capsicums
5g green peas
 Minced chives, for garnishing
•             Heat a paella pan over a high heat
until hot. Add in the olive oil and
sauté the sliced onions, sliced garlic
and squids until fragrant. Add in the
uncooked bomba rice and tomato
sauce, stir well and season with
paprika powder, salt and freshly
ground pepper, to taste. Add in
the vegetable stock and ground
turmeric. Stir well and cook until the
mixture reach a boiling point. Add in
the rest of the seafood and simmer
until green mussels and white clams
are hot and bubbly. Add in the
halved asparagus, all the diced
capsicums and green peas. Cover
the paella pan with aluminium foil
and bake in a pre-heated oven at
200°C until rice grains are tender.
Remove and garnish with minced
chives. Serves 2

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