Beef Tartare ‘Deep Purple’

By: Chef Ryu posted Aug 31st 2016 06:07PM

Beef Tartare ‘Deep Purple’
By Chef Ryu of Ryunique

Apple Chutney
130g     Grated apple
20ml     Maple syrup
10ml     Honey
100ml   Water
10ml     White wine vinegar
1 tsp     Coriander seed
1g        Thyme
Beef Tartare & Filling
8~10g   Beef tenderloin
3          salmon roe
1 tsp     Finely chopped shallot
Fish Sauce Dressing
100ml   fish sauce
100ml   sesame oil

Cured Egg Yolk Powder
1          egg yolk
300g     Salt
Purple Cabbage Puree
300ml   Purple cabbage juice
3g        Agar
            Lemon juice to taste
            Salt to taste
Orange Dressing
50ml     Olive oil
15ml     White wine vinegar
15ml     Orange juice
1pc       Orange zest
7ml       Orange oil
Fennel Salad  
50g      Sliced fennel 50g
15ml  ange dressing
            Salt and pepper to taste
            Dill, lemon verbena and edible flowers to decorate
Purple Cabbage Powder
1c        Fresh Purple Cabbage
Purple Cabbage Soup
156ml   Red cabbage liquid
            Kusmi tea small teaspoon
            Honey and salt, lemon juice, white wine vinegar to taste

1) For the Apple Chutney: Mix grated apple, maple syrup, honey, water, white wine vinegar, coriander seed and thyme in a pot and boil until thickened.
2) Roll beef tenderloin into sausage shape and wrap with cling film. Freeze and slice into 1cm section round shapes. Place apple chutney, salmon roe, and shallot into center of beef slice. Fold in half.
4) (How is the fish sauce dressing made? – see ‘Fish Sauce Dressing’ opposite) Mix the fish sauce and sesame oil together
5) For the Cured Egg Yolk Powder: Bury raw egg yolk in salt for six hours, rinse with water, dehydrate at 40 degrees for 6 hours. Finely shave onto top of dish. Add fish sauce dressing and dill to taste.
6) For the Purple Cabbage Puree: In a blender, blend purple cabbage juice and agar, blended, (same as kimchi dragonfly head ), add lemon juice and salt. Decorate plate with puree.
7) For the Orange Dressing: In a blender, blitz olive oil, white wine vinegar, orange juice, orange zest and orange oil..
8) For the Fennel Salad: Chill sliced fennel in cold water and dry. Add orange dressing and salt, pepper, dill, lemon verbena and edible flowers to decorate.

9) For the Purple Cabbage Powder: Dehydrate fresh purple cabbages at 75 degrees for 8 hours. Grind into fine powder and sprinkle onto plate.
10) For the Purple Cabbage Soup: Steep kusmi tea at 70 degrees, sieve and set aside to cool. Infuse red cabbage juice, lemon juice, white wine vinegar, and salt with Kusmi tea. Blend and place in refrigerator until cool. Sieve and serve.
11) Plating method: Place the beef tartare on the plate, and arrange the fennel salad to the side. Drizzle orange dressing on the fennel salad. Decorate the plate with purple cabbage puree ‘drops’, and sprinkle the plate with red cabbage powder. After serving, drizzle the entire dish with purple cabbage soup.


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