Hibiscus coconut raspberry macaron

By: Chef Jason Tan posted Aug 01st 2016 10:31AM

Macaron Shell
225g   sugar, divided
180g   egg whites
80ml   water
500g   TPT (almonds mixture)
Hibiscus Coconut Ganache
5g        dry hibiscus
250g   Boiron coconut purée
550g   Valrhona Ivoire chocolates (35%), melted
Raspberry Compote
5g        pectin NH
200g   sugar, divided
410g   frozen raspberry purée IQF, warmed
•           For the macaron shell: Beat half of the sugar with egg whites in an electric mixer bowl to a soft peaks form and set aside. Heat the remaining sugar with 80ml water in a saucepan to 116°C.  Pour the syrup over the beaten egg whites and beat again at a maximum speed to until stiff peaks form. Once the Italian meringue is warm, fold in the almonds mixture. Transfer the batter into a piping bag with a nozzle attached and pipe onto a silicone mat-lined baking sheet. Bake in a pre-heated oven at
150°C for about 15 minutes. Remove and set aside the macaron shells to cool.
•           For the hibiscus coconut ganache: Infuse dry hibiscus in the coconut purée overnight. Warm the hibiscus infused coconut purée and pour over the melted white chocolates and whisk until smooth.
•           For the raspberry compote: Heat pectin, sugar and warmed raspberry purée in a sauce pan over a medium heat to a boil. Reduce heat, and simmer until raspberry compote has slightly thickened.
•           Fill each macaron shell with hibiscus coconut ganache and pipe with raspberry compote in the centre; place a stick and sandwich with another macaron shell.

Makes 10 Macarons

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