Yellow Chocolate-coated Pear with Mango Sauce

By: Chef Chalik Wahyu posted Oct 02nd 2015 03:12PM

1 ltr water
700g sugar
20g mint leaves
4 oranges, zested
6 pears, peeled and cut the tops

500g white chocolates, melted
50g cookie crumbs
Pear purée, pumpkin balls and mint leaves, for garnishing
Gold powder, for dusting

Mango Sauce
1kg mango purée
100g sugar
200ml water
6g gelatine sheets, bloomed

Yellow Chocolate Glaze
300g whipping cream
3 gelatine sheets, bloomed
500g white chocolates
A few drops of yellow food colouring

For the mango sauce: Heat the mango purée, sugar and 200ml water in a saucepan over a medium heat until  sugar has dissolved. Add in the bloomed gelatine, and stir well until gelatine has dissolved. Transfer the saucepan into an ice-bath and stir until mango sauce has cooled down. Set aside.

For the yellow chocolate glaze: Heat the whipping cream in saucepan over a low heat to a boil. Add in the bloomed gelatine, and stir well until gelatine has dissolved. Pour the hot cream over the white chocolates, and stir until smooth. Add in a few drops of yellow food colouring, and stir well.

Heat a liter of water, sugar, mint leaves and orange zests in a saucepan over a medium heat to a boil. Add in the pears and poach until tender. Shock the poached pears in an ice-bath, and then keep frozen in the freezer. Dip the frozen poached pears into the melted white chocolates and place onto a baking tray and freeze for about 5 minutes. Remove and fill the frozen pears cavity with mango sauce; put the pear tops on, and seal with the melted white chocolates. Keep in the chiller until set and then glaze with yellow chocolate glaze.Chill again for another 5 minutes until set.

Scatter the cookie crumbs onto the centre of each serving plate, and top with a yellow chocolate-coated pear. Spoon the pear purée on the side and garnish with pumpkin balls and mint leaves. Dust with gold powder. Serves 6

*This recipe can be found in July-August 2014 Issue.

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