Clear Waxed Pork Belly Broth with Eight Treasures

by Ling @ 22 Oct 2013
Clear Waxed Pork Belly Broth with Eight Treasures Ingredients
6 purple shiso
4 red radish slices
10g micro salad
Clarification Mixture
330g lean pork, minced
200g waxed pork belly, chopped
85g wolfberries, chopped
60g onions, peeled and minced
30g (each) minced carrots and chopped
red dates
3 egg whites, lightly beaten
1.2 ltr superior stock
Eight Treasures
4 gingko nuts, poached and heart removed
2 waxed pork bellies, braised and grilled
3 fresh lily petals
1 red date, poached and diced
½ tsp wolfberry, poached in superior stock
½ tsp lotus seed, roasted, caramelised
and crushed
¼ tsp Chinese almond, poached in
superior stock
A pinch of cracked Sichuan peppercorns

For the clarification mixture: Place all the ingredients (except the superior stock) into a food processor and pulse until smooth. Pour the puréed pork mixture into a stockpot and add in the superior stock. Mix well. Heat the pork mixture over low heat and bring to a slow simmer, stirring frequently until the raft just begins to form. Using a spoon, create a small hole in the raft and continue to simmer slowly until stock is flavourful and clarified. Strain the broth through a paper filter or rinsed double cheesecloth. Season with salt, to taste.
Place the eight treasure ingredients into each soup plate. Add in a ladle of the hot broth and garnish with purple shiso, red radish slices and micro salad.

Serves 4