Blanched & raw asparagus salad with champagne creme fraiche

by Tok Yui Shuen @ 02 Oct 2015
Blanched & raw asparagus salad with champagne creme fraiche 350ml salted chicken stock
60g butter
1 Spanish onion,peeled and thinly sliced
20 jumbo asparagus spears, divided (12 spears peeled, 2.5-cm from bottom half removed and blanched. 8 spears cut into discs)
100g spinach
Salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
Egg mimosa and Oscietra caviar,for topping
Shaved raw asparagus,baby radishes and lemon zest,for garnishing

Champagne Crème Fraiche
200g crème Fraiche
10ml champagne vinegar
5ml lemon juice

For the champagne crème fraiche:
Whisk all the ingredients in a mixing bowl until smooth and set aside.

Heat the salted chicken stock in a saucepan over a medium heat to a boil and set aside.
Heat the butter in a sauté pan and sweat the sliced onion until tender.
Add in the asparagus discs and the boiling salted chicken stock and cook until asparagus discs are tender.
Add in spinach and pour the mixture into a food processor and pulse until smooth.
Strain the asparagus purée and keep chilled in the refrigerator.
Spoon the chilled asparagus purée onto each serving plate
Dip the Asparagus spears into the champagne crème fraiche, and place onto the serving plate.
Spoon the egg mimosa over the champagne crème fraiche asparagus spears and top with caviar.
Garnish with shaved raw asparagus, baby radishes, and lemon zest. Serves 4