Seared scallop, crisp Savoy cabbage & chimichurri

by Liao Xiangjun @ 04 Dec 2014
Seared scallop, crisp Savoy cabbage & chimichurri Cooking oil, for deep-frying
and searing
2  Savoy cabbage leaves
(outer dark leaves),
cut into 3-mm thickness
5g  sesame seeds, toasted
  Salt flakes, to taste
6  frozen Hokkaido scallops, thawed
Chimichurri (Argentina green sauce)
40g  parsley
10g  garlic cloves, peeled
5g  oregano
75ml  olive oil
35ml  red wine vinegar
  A pinch of chilli flakes, kosher salt and
freshly ground black pepper

•  For the green gazpacho: Place all the
ingredients into a food processor and
pulse until smooth. Pour the green
gazpacho into an espuma canister and
charge with a N2O charger twice and
keep chilled in the refrigerator for about
2 hours.
•  Dispense the chilled green gazpacho
into each serving glass and sprinkle with
shaved toasted macadamia. Place
coppa ham roll over the rim of the glass.
Serves 6

•  For the chimichurri: Place the parsley,
garlic and oregano into a food processor.
Gradually add in the olive oil and red
wine vinegar and pulse until emulsified.
Season to taste with a pinch of chilli
flakes, kosher salt and freshly ground
black pepper. Set aside.
•  Heat the cooking oil in a deep fryer and
deep-fry the sliced cabbage until crispy.
Remove and drain well on absorbent
paper towels. Season to taste with toasted
sesame seeds and salt flakes.  Set aside.
•  Heat a frying pan with cooking oil over a
medium heat and sear the scallops until
a nice brown crispy edge is formed and
opaque in colour.
•  Spoon the chimichurri onto each serving
plate and top with a seared scallop.
Garnish with the deep-fried cabbage.
Serves 6