Corduroy Palace: A Fine Dining Establishment In A Secret Hideaway

Corduroy Palace: A Fine Dining Establishment In A Secret Hideaway There’s nothing like a new F&B establishment that takes you back in time to a completely different time and space, where the atmosphere keeps you unguarded, there is a softness to the furnishings that contrasts with the popcorn gritty walls, and the food is a throwback to a luxurious past that has seen better days. That space is Corduroy Palace, the latest offering from the team that brought Lucali BYGB to the Singapore F&B market.

Touted as ‘a visionary and unorthodox wine hall and dining room made for mid-afternoon drinks that linger on into unexpected late-night bacchanals,’ Corduroy Palace is designed to be a combination of two aspects: a wine hall, with an amazing range of wines that are organized by type and price; and a mid-20th century New York dining room. There’s also what feels like a speakeasy aspect of the entire venture: finding the spot includes going by the alleyway and finding a red awning which opens to a miniscule old-school entrance selling pizza. Opening the door to what you would expect to be an industrial kitchen instead leads to an intimately dark hallway illuminated by the neon-colour wine fridges and the path to the dining area, complete with a bar.

Everything is lush and soft, not in traditional opulence but in a way that stirs up comfort and love, similar to a well-loved teddy bear, something that the BYGB group themselves have used to describe the space. Yet, nothing about the food is meant to be related to something your mom can make for you at home, make no mistake. The food served at Corduroy Palace drips with quality ingredients and food that wouldn’t be out of place in any fine-dining restaurant in Singapore. Chicken Cordon-Bleu, for example, sees sliced medallions of the breaded chicken, parma ham, and cheese sliced and served with green peas, making for a firm yet surprisingly moist bite. Jordan Crab claws are partially de-shelled and served at your table cold, with three types of dips that you can use to dip the flesh into. Steak Tartare, prepared and served by the service staff right at your table, uses small chunks of tenderloin instead of mince, resulting in a chewier bite that feels more substantial and delicious, which can be eaten with triangular shaped bread slices made in house. The wines are nothing to sniff at either, with all the service staff trained sommeliers, led by Marcus Chen, the 'Wine Guy' at the restaurant and formerly of JAAN by Kirk Westaway. Let him recommend you a bottle that would go well with your meal for the night. 

If you're looking to find a place to transport yourself for a pricier, but well-worth experience, consider Corduroy Palace your newest destination to dine at. 

Corduroy Palace

Address: 110 Amoy Street, Gemmill Lane, #01-02 (Entrance behind off, 069930)
Opening Hours: 3-10.30pm
Phone: 9754 3897