Have a Happy Chinese 'Niu' Year at Blue Lotus!

Have a Happy Chinese 'Niu' Year at Blue Lotus! Blue Lotus wants you to celebrate Chinese New Year with THEM this year with the help of Tuck Lee Ice!

Finding innovative ways for you to lo hei at home, Blue Lotus and Tuck Lee Ice have collaborated to create a fun way for you to savour yusheng at the best quality. Featuring Blue Lotus’ Signature Norwegian Smoked Salmon Yusheng, ($88++), hail in the New Year with great fortune and prosperity thanks to commemorative yusheng packaging that when unfolded unveils not just lucky proverbs to recite to start off the New Year with, but also the ingredient and condiment it corresponds with on the yusheng table. This is a onetime commemorative box that is exclusive to Blue Lotus as well as Tuck Lee Ice. Top up with extra ingredients like Norweigan salmon ($18) or 8pcs of braised abalone ($38) for extra wealth for your family, friends and loved ones to lo hei with!

This is not the only set of delights that Blue Lotus is doing for Chinese New Year. Open on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Day of the Chinese New Year, Blue Lotus Chinese Eating House has three menus that promises you Longevity, Happiness and Prosperity when you with them! Highlights includes not just Blue Lotus’ Signature Norwegian Smoked Salmon Yusheng, but also the restaurant’s succulent slow-roasted Spanish-style suckling pig makes the perfect table centerpiece. The Spanish style of roasting offers a glossy finishing to impress all your family and friends at the dinner table. This boneless delight comes with two different sauces to dip the delectable meat in, choose from an English mustard sauce or a spicy Thai dressing to compliment the protein for an amazing crunchy finish.

For those looking to order these menus from the comfort of your own home, have no fear. All three menus are available for delivery for you to dine on in the comfort of your own home, with an $18 delivery charge! Book before the 31st of January for an early bird discount for all three menus with promo code: CNY21.

To order the commemorative Blue Lotus  Signature Norwegian Smoked Salmon Yusheng  with the commemorative Tuck Lee Ice packaging, please go to https://www.bluelotus.com.sg/ or https://seasonsbest.sg/ to order.