Masterclasses and Demo Sessions With USA Cheese at Your Home!

Masterclasses and Demo Sessions With USA Cheese at Your Home! When you’re at home experimenting with recipes, you might come across USA Cheese and know their multiple uses. But how do you incorporate this into the recipes you make at home? The World Gourmet Summit, in collaboration with the U.S. Dairy Export Council, will be releasing a series of educational cooking videos and demo masterclasses that will reach out to aspiring chefs at home and encourage them to try adding USA Cheese into their dishes.
These culinary specialties demo videos spotlight USA Cheese by inviting local culinary star chefs  to demonstrate their skill, creativity and innovation to transform USA Cheeses into easy to make, yet flavoursome and complex dishes, all while sharing the recipes and techniques virtually through households everywhere.

Next week, be sure to stay tuned as Chef Elson Cheong of Tower Club demonstrates how to create two distinctly simplistic and amazing dishes using USA cheeses, in a easy to follow step by step process that will encourage people at home to try the recipe as well as inspire them to create their own at home. We will also be organising a demo masterclass, “ USA Cheese Mission With Chef Miller Mai. More chefs that will be introduced into the lineup will be announced through the World Gourmet Summit social media pages, so stay tuned!

To find out more about USA Cheeses and how great chefs create magic out of them, please go to