Enjoy Some GudSht At Home!

Enjoy Some GudSht At Home! GudSht’s origin story is one of beating adversity and overcoming the odds. The company was borne to spread a little joy amidst these times, and has collaborated with local businesses GoodStuph and The Refinery to concoct a range of exquisitely crafted cocktails.

Born out of a pandemic, GudSht was created by the bartenders of Elite Bar Solutions who saw their livelihoods devastated by the virus. However, as the saying goes, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” And with that, GudSht was born. The founders created a range of locally inspired cocktails with cheeky product names to create some amusement and love when you drink them. 

Take a drink of Unicorn Barf and bask at home with a lovely drink, or some Mao Cha Nude if you like a little bubble tea in your alcohol. There are other great cocktail names with great flavours such as the Sangrila Utama, Cheng Tng Gao, and even the fabulously named Deeznuts.

And here’s a way for you to not just enjoy yourself at home, but to celebrate those who might need it most! Gudsht is launching two special Pride Edition cocktails in celebration of Pride & Pink Dot 2020: Rainbow & Stardust – a drink embodying the warmth and love that Pink Dot represents – and the Unicorn Barf Pride Edition, a limited edition of the hugely popular Unicorn Barf. 10% of all proceeds from sales of GudSht’s Pride Edition cocktails will be donated to Pink Dot and the LGBTQ+ Resilience Fund @ Sayoni, which supports members of the LGBTQ+ community who have been impacted by the pandemic. It’s their way of celebrating Pride for the LGBTQIA+ community in the most local way they can!

The Pride Edition cocktails are officially launched today and will be available for sale exclusively from 19 to 28 June. To purchase this as well as the full range of cocktails available, get them here!