Buttery Goodness At Restaurant Beurre

Buttery Goodness At Restaurant Beurre “Contemporary French cuisine with an Asian-twist.” That’s how Restaurant Beurre and the chef behind it, Chef Darwin Wong wants dinners to know about the food and menu when dining there. The restaurant’s minimalist concept is contrasted with the richness of the dishes, which uses butter as a core component of their menu, so much so that the restaurant is named after it.

Dishes that fulfill the modern French/Asian spin the restaurant is taking their meals to include the Stuffed Black Chicken, which is filled with glutinous rice and held together with butter to showcase a decadent, juicy treat. Set menus of the dishes they have include Hokkaido Oyster, Smoked Salmon, and Spicy Truffle Capilini. Look out for dishes such as the 10-Day Butter-Aged Angus Ribeye & Escargot With Truffles.

With an open kitchen and delicious food, any trip to Beurre is a treat, and a luxurious one at that.

Address: Restaurant Beurre, 23 Bukit Pasoh Rd, Singapore 089837

Restaurant Beurre is proud to be one of the partner restaurants associated with the World Gourmet Summit 2020. If you still have not taken the time to go down there, why not do it today? The restaurant promotion for the event includes a special menu created specially for the World Gourmet Summit, and you have until the 7th of March to try that specific menu!

For more information, please go to http://worldgourmetsummit.com/wgs2020/main.php