Pasta Point of Decadence Into Excellence!

Pasta Point of Decadence Into Excellence!  Two local pasta chefs are planning to change the world through their pasta.

Sounds ambitious? Perhaps. The chefs behind Bar Cicheti and Ben Fatto re coming together to create the pasta bar’s first ever two night four hands menu, on the 18 and 19 February for the pasta bar’s first-ever, two-night, four-hands, six-course dinners, and it centers on four traditional, hand-formed pasta shapes, each with roots deep in the culinary makings of Italy’s famed regions from Puglia to Piedmont.

That’s not all: the menu as created by the two chefs is going to be a zero-waste menu, based on creatively stretching the potential of each ingredient to create delicious outcomes.

It will be the first time both chefs Aun and Yum Hwa are sharing a kitchen, despite them being two of the few—if not the only two—Singaporean chefs in a country that has no shortage of Italian-fronted establishments, who are pushing the boundaries of fresh pasta from the precursor of a traditional Italian meal to the fore.