Go West(ward Whiskey)!

by CWA @ 08 Nov 2019
Go West(ward Whiskey)! In lieu of Singapore hosting Whiskey Live Singapore International this weekend at Andaz Singapore - A Concept By Hyatt, Westward Whiskey took the opportunity to organise a tasting for media members, hosted by Founder and Master Distiller Christian Krogstad.

Launched in Singapore this year, Westward Whiskey is an award-winning American single malt inspired by the best of the American craft beer and whiskey traditions. For this reason, the tasting took the opportunity to showcase the importance of malt and barley in whiskey, and showcased the difference in four different whiskies and comparing it to alcohol taken straight from the till.

"I find the average whiskey drinker in places like Singapore is far more educated than any other in the world." said Mr Krogstad. "it helps that whiskey drinkers happen to me more adventurous than those who drink wine or beer. Wine drinkers tend to stick to their favourite grape varietal. Whiskey drinkers, on the other hand, like to try different brands and notes to find out what they like."