Inspiring the New Generation

by CWA @ 08 Nov 2019
Inspiring the New Generation  In 1996, Mr. Peter Knipp started Peter Knipp Holdings and its three subsidiaries - Cuisine & Wine Asia, World Gourmet Summit and Foodservice Consultantants Singapore. Each division contributes to Singapore's F&B scene, and it is no surprise that Mr. Knipp has become an internationally acclaimed chef.

Besides creating an impact for the existing culinary scene, Mr. Knipp is passionate about influencing the younder generation and passing on his legacy to them. Just this week, Mr. Knipp gave a speech at the National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism to aspiring students hoping to pursue a career in the Hospitality and Tourism sector. In his speech, he spoke about his colourful career from chef to CEO, and how he persevered through the challenges, which led him to his success today.

Mr. Knipp says “To be able to pass on knowledge and experiences is both a privilege and a duty of any seniors in the industry! The young ones will always remind one of oneself decades ago, and seeing their eyes gleam of enthusiasm is encouragement and hope for the industry!”