A Night of Storytelling and Balvenie Whiskey

by CWA @ 08 Nov 2019
A Night of Storytelling and Balvenie Whiskey Here was a midweek treat that happened at Straits Clan earlier – Launching the new collection of single malt whiskies, ‘The Balvenie Stories’, Mr. Ross Blainey, Brand Ambassdor of Balvenie in Australia and New Zealand, and Mr. James Cordiner, Brand Ambassador of Balvenie in Southeast Asia, read stories that offer an intimate glimpse into the unique and very human nature of how The Balvenie produces whiskey.

Each story showcased the origin behind each expression, each telling a human story that evolved with the protagonists and developed unexpected twists through years of maturation. The stories also showcased the continuous drive that the brand puts into the distillation and creation of its whiskies.   

Two new expressions were unveiled that evening: the 14-year-old The Week of Peat, 26-year-old A Day of Dark Barley. Both expressions also were a testament towards The Balvenie’s effort to uphold age-old traditions while challenging and testing its limits, offering twists on a familiar narrative, all with the goal of making the perfect single malt whiskey.

The evening also presented an intimate, sincere and handcrafted experience, as each story is enhanced with the culinary and experiential dish by Chef Charles Tan, chef-owner of FATCAT Ice Cream Bar, and is accompanied by live music by Vishaal Raj with the help of The General Co, a collective of new generation craftsmen, artisans and designers.

Learn more about ‘The Balvenie Stories’ range at https://www.thebalvenie.com/balvenie-stories/