Seeing the Clarity Through the Shade of the Plastic

by CWA @ 27 Sep 2019
Seeing the Clarity Through the Shade of the Plastic What constitutes an environmental change in our society? Is it something that has to be started through the organizers or through the individuals?
That's the thought that goes through my mind when i see the amount of trash accumulated through the recent F1 Night Race event that happened, which also included a wild weekend performance space that saw stars like Gwen Stefani, Muse, Fatboy Slim and Swedish House Mafia perform for the masses. 
Despite the fact that the Environmental Climate Rally also happened during the same weekend, where youths and parties concerned took part in calling for change to our environmental laws, the fact of the matter is, some Singaporeans seem rather apathetic towards the charge. Is this a matter of us simply not caring anymore? Are organizers such as the F1 or the local Singaporean team not as mindful towards environmental change? 

This is not just a reference to the amount of trash that was found all around the grounds of the F1 performance grounds, but also to even on the race tracks itself. When Haas’ Kevin Magnussen drove his car for his lap, he did not realise that his car was closing down until he was forced to make a pit stop, only to find a clear plastic bag obstructing the car's own front wing, and thus destroying the aerodynamics. It was, to be sure, anticlimatic. It destroys the performance of the cars, and it may not be something that's on purpose, but it's clearly something that could have been easily prevented if not for our over-reliance on plastics.
Considering the fact that we are representing Singapore on a world stage, we need to step up on what we preach, no matter if you are a part of a restaurant, a team organising events or even as an individual. 
As part of a team that has been mindful of environmental issues, eco-sustainability and promoting local stars, we can, and we should do better. 

photo credits: MothershipSG