The Plant-Based Wave of the Future

By: CWA posted Jul 05th 2019 02:43PM

Plant-based meat is all everyone is talking about nowadays. Thanks to the rising concerns towards issues such as shortage of land, the amount of resources used to farm animals, as well as the environmental impact farming animals on a large scale does, the creation of plant-based meats may seem like a great solution to those looking into alternatives for meat.

But who are plant-based meat alternative menus targeted towards? Vegetarians who have been meat-free for a long period of time? Meat-eaters? Upper-middle class households who have bigger spending power? The companies that are offering these meat-free solutions are relatively new, and thus prices can be a little pricier than meat farmed from cows, pigs, chicken and fish. What does this mean for restaurants who want to be involved in this green movement but at the same time concerned about costs? We speak to three restaurants currently offering a variety of plant-based meat options in their menus and discuss the challenges, issues, and hopes for the future.

To read more on this subject, read our story 'The Plant-Based Wave of the Future", in our Chef + Cuisine column, available in our May-June issue of Cuisine and Wine Asia. The print magazine is available at Kinokuniya, MPH, and Times bookstores. To subscribe to a digital edition of our magazine, head on to Magzter.


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